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Sun Chemist is the best option for you if you are looking for an Online Pharmacy Store in the USA. At this Indian Medicine Shop, you can easily find all kinds of medicines, generic drugs, and OTC products.

This Indian Chemist Shop is the perfect place to purchase all your healthcare products cheaply. With us, you can easily Buy Prescription Medicines online and get delivery at your doorstep across the USA.

Being the topmost pharmacy store, we try to improve your life with better fitness and cheerfulness. It can be through Good and quality Medicines.

Our main motive is to make healthcare understandable, affordable, and accessible in India and the USA. You can Shop Generic medicine online in the USA from our store. We also offer a 5% discount on the same, helping you to save more money.

Ordering medicine from our Pharmacy is straightforward & easy. It would be best if you did select your medication, add it to the cart, and then make payment. 

Generic Medicine at our India Online Pharmacy Store

We are an Indian Online Pharmacy store from where you can buy all generic medicines. We offer to ship from India to the USA at a special discount. If in case, you are not happy with our products, then you can return us.

 If your issue is not resolved from our side, then within 30 days, we will either return your money or offer you a replacement. We at Sun Chemist are also linked with well-known FDA-accredited manufacturers such as Cipla, Ajanta, Cadila & SunPharma. 

Regarding the quality of medicine, we never compromise on it. Our Pharmacy also ensures quick & timely delivery within the stipulated time frame. We also offer accurate and reliable information about the medicines so that you can use them efficiently and safely simultaneously. All wellness products offered by us are in the original packaging.

Our online store has advanced encryption technology, so all the personal information you provide is safe and free from fraud. We also have a team of highly skilled & knowledgeable pharmacists who ensure you get a completely satisfying experience. Apart from all this, Sun Chemist is the leading online platform from which you can easily have access to all your health needs.

Why choose our Internet pharmacy?

Being an online pharmacy, we have pros that bring convenience and comfort to you. With online services, you can make buying your medicines more accessible and affordable. At first don't have to walk or drive for at least 10-15 minutes or even more to find your essentials. Second, you don't have to stand and wait in long queues at local pharmacies for your essentials. Third, you can only buy the medicine you are sure of, e.g., prescribed medications. Fourth, what if you buy an FMCG product but are still unsure which one to choose? For this, you can't expect multiple options from your pharmacist. All these problems can have one solution, which is an online pharmacy. Yes, sitting at home, you can choose your medicines from the broad categories of medications. You can get your meds at a cost-effective price compared to offline stores. Bringing all healthcare products to one place makes online Pharmacy a good choice.

Sunchemist is a cost-effective platform that saves you great money at every purchase. You will get more affordable medicines compared to other online pharmacies like Canadian or US pharmacies. Apart from it, here are the key reasons that encourage you to choose us:

  • Experience the best services of Indian Pharmacy

  • Availability of a wide range of authentic and genuine medicines manufactured by top pharmaceutical companies.

  • Easy and quick searching for your medicines

  • Offers 24x7 customer support over calls, chat and email and is open 365 days

  • Grab the best deals and amazing discounts

  • Fast and free shipping options

  • 100% Secure payment options

  • Availability of alternative medicines that are of the best quality and achieve the same efficacy at a low price.

  • Product description, blogs, and articles on lifestyle and healthcare

  • Customer-friendly hassle-free services, easy buying of the medicines, and return and refund policy

  • Trusted and reputable manufacturers and top pharmaceutical suppliers

Authentic and 100% Genuine

Our online Pharmacy ensures to provide 100% genuine quality healthcare medicines. Before we offer a wellness product to you, we go through a lengthy procedure to select them. After passing all standards criteria, our team confirms the high authenticity of every drug. Whereas our experts also check the expiration dates of every product. This way, Fresh storge is installed immediately and expired medication is unlisted. Therefore, we offer you 100% genuine and fresh medicine at our Online Pharmacy. To buy medicine, you can trust us and get the best top healthcare medications at an affordable price.


Our website is designed to provide you with a user-friendly and straightforward interface. Our online Pharmacy is easy to access and simple to understand. You could immediately chat with our customer care executives if you struck anywhere. In this way, you can find and buy your medicines hassle-free.

You can explore broad categories of healthcare medication according to your need. Every strength and every alternative is readily available at a cost-effective price. Also, you can all the information about the medicine, like its generic name, uses, dosage instructions and precautions. A person with low access to medicines can reach us just by browsing our website from any corner of the globe. We also bring convenience to rural people by delivering medication to their doorsteps.


 All kinds of medications on our online medical store offer fantastic discount offers. It helps you to save a pocket-friendly deal for you and make significant savings. In rural areas, buying medicines is complex, and they must go to cities to find their essentials if they are not located nearby. It also gets quite costly, but with our online store, they can grab them at the best price just by hitting their home. By supplying them from top manufacturers directly, we offer you these your medicines at a low price.

Trustworthy and reliable

Our continuous effort and best services have built a good relationship and trust among our customers in the past years. With our genuine and reliable services, today we are one of the reputed online drugstores in the USA. Bringing some value to people's lives makes us happy and motivates us to serve humankind. Being loyal to our customers gives us the same love and trust we wish to have. So, feel free to visit us to fulfill your pharmaceutical needs. We are proud of ourselves for being at the forefront of the online medicine industry in the USA.

One-stop Destination

We offer a wide range of healthcare products at the one-stop destination, which is quite convenient. Our online store will find top generic medicines with help efficiency rates. All medications, including generic Ed drugs, over-the-counter, and prescription medications, are available here. These available healthcare products help to treat mild to moderate or serve health conditions. You can expect a broad category at only one place on our platform. Consult your doctor for your wellness, and you can easily purchase those directed medicines from us.

On-Time Delivery

Get your essentials delivered right to your doorstep in the given time frame. Our priority is that your medicines riches to you safely. Once you place an order, we ensure it reaches you as soon as possible. We provide you with the estimated time and tracking facility of your order so that you can keep track of it. When the parcel reaches nearby, we notify you so that you can be active to receive it. If there is any delay due to any substantial reason, we will immediately inform you and try to resolve it as soon as possible. But we ensure you timely delivery of your medicines as we possibly can.

How to order medicines online at our online medical store

Now ordering medicines online is one of the most accessible and hassle-free work, just by following these simple steps to buy your prescription medication from us.

  • Log in to our internet pharmacy.

  • Find your directed medications at the search bar or with the category tab.

  • Add them to the cart, upload a prescription if asked, and place the order.

  • Just only these simple steps, and we will do the rest.

We Do Easy Return And Refund - Sunchemist

  • Our Online pharmacy offers a flexible return and refund policy for the ordered items. We hope you are happy with all the products to deliver by us. If you're not entirely satisfied, you can quickly return and get a refund for the product. Below you'll find further details about our refund policy.

  • You can easily cancel the placed order at any step and ask for a refund of your order as per the policies of our Online Pharmacy.

  • Your money is safe with us here, and all the payment methods at our Pharmacy are highly SSL secure.

  • After canceling a product, We will not put you in a position where you can't get a refund. Once the refund is initiated, we will refund your amount to your account.

  • You can easily ask for an exchange if you have any issues regarding the received product. You may ask for a refund if you do not like it.

  • Medication delivered from us is packed safely in sealed packaging; if you see any damaged seal, you can ask for an exchange.

  • During a returned order, Our service will come directly to your doorstep to pick the order back; we will proceed for a refund or exchange.

Being the topmost India Pharmacy, we offer quality medicines prepared using the right active ingredients. The online Indian drug Store also provides a convenient option to track your treatment. It is the right place to purchase all your prescription medicines without disturbing your budget. Sunchemist offers the proper medication and never believes in disappointing their esteemed customers at any cost.

Our Aim

We aim to deliver better healthcare to every person at affordable rates. With each passing day, we are furnishing our services to bring a better experience for you on our platform. Our top priority is to provide you with all your healthcare essentials at a reasonable price. We ensure that all your needs are delivered right to your doorstep within the given time frame. 

With our Internet pharmacy experience, the easy and affordable buying of your essentials.

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