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Azee 1000mg

Azee 1000mg
Azee 1000mg
Active Ingredients
Azithromycin Tablets
Generic Brand for
Zithromax Pills
1000mg Tablets
Manufacture by
one Tablet Blister Strip
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10 Tablets $1.80 $1.80
20 Tablets $1.75 $1.75

Product Description

Azee 1000mg Tablets

Azee 1000mg tablets contain an active ingredient called Azithromycin. This is an antibiotic tablet which is generally designed to fight against bacteria called Zithromax. This bacteria is also known as azithromycin. Azee tablets help in the treatment of various infections on the skin, ear, eyes, lungs, throat, respiratory tract, and sexually transmitted infections caused by bacteria. This medicine reduces the effect of bacteria in our body and prevents us from further bacterial infection. It is a macrolide antibiotic medicine that is specially designed to interfere in the development of the bacteria and brings discontinuity in its function. This medicine is also used under the treatment of HIV infections with the combination of other drugs called ethambutol. 

How Azee 1000mg works?

Azithromycin tablets belong to a category of antibiotics known as macrolides. These macrolides are bacteriostatic which works by slowing down the reproductive rate of the bacteria and treat its bacterial infection. In this process, it brings a decrease in the proteins which is required for the development of the bacteria. thus, the use of these medicines starts to reduce the number of bacteria by attacking their development process and our immune system can easily fight against them which prevents us from these bacterial infections. This functioning of the drug is in contrast to bactericidal antibiotics and it terminates the presence of bacteria completely.

How to use this medicine?

Azee tablets are taken orally, These tablets should be used regularly under the supervision of your doctor. You can take this medicine before or 2 hours after taking your meal, where it should be taken at the same time intervals as directed to you. Never skip any dose of it, which will help you to treat the bacterial infection fast and effectively. Inform your doctor before stopping this medicine and Do not stop its use too early because it may bring the infection again, if bacteria are not completed terminated and the condition of the infection can get worse.

Side effects of Azee 1000mg tablets

Here are some commonly seen side effects which rarely occur in a few people. These side effects are-

  • Vomiting
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea

The side effects are usually temporary and removed after the completion of the treatment. You may consult your doctor if you feel heavy difficulty with the side effects for a longer duration.

Interaction to Azee 1000mg tablets

Tell your doctor if you are taking any of these drugs which can interact with Azee tablets- Colchicine used in some specific fever.  Migraine medicines like ergot or ergotamine. Blood clot medicines like warfarin and similar to it. Heart failure medicines like digoxinSkin allergy or hay fever medicine- terfenadine. Medicines for the immune systems like ciclosporin used in specific conditions.

Some safety advice

Always use this medicine under the supervision of your doctor and take the right dose and at directed duration for better results during treatment. The use of alcohol is unsafe while taking these medicines so it is better to avoid its drinking between treatment. Azee 1000mg tablet is considered, Safe to use during pregnancy and breastmilk feeding when needed urgently, This medicine does not pass through breastmilk in a significant amount which is not harmful to the baby but it may have a possibility of rashes and diarrhea to the baby.

Azee 1000mg tablets should be used with caution, In patients suffering from liver and kidney diseases. So consult upon its use where it’s dose can be adjusted to proceed with treatment against bacterial infection.

Where to find Azee 1000mg tablets at the best price?

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