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Effect of Erectile dysfunction on Relationships

It is true that the problem of Erectile dysfunction not only affects the men but also his relationship at the same time.  Nowadays, it is very common and almost half of the men between the age group of 40-70 suffer from erectile dysfunction. 

Many men often link erection with their identity and also start losing confidence in their ability to satisfy their partner. It is noticed that when a man suffers from ED, his sexual relationship along with social and work activities is also disturbed. 

But remember nowadays in the market, there are a number of effective treatments for ED which help in improving relationships with your partner. 

What is the erection problem?

When a man suffers from an erection problem then he is not able to maintain an erection that is required for attaining penetration. The major reason behind erectile dysfunction problem is hormonal imbalance, anxiety, depression as well as a bad lifestyle. 

What is the impact of ED on the relationship?

Men often feel frustrated and annoyed when they are not able to attain an erection. It is very important for you to understand that erectile dysfunction is not only the problem of man but also for the relationship. 

They start seeing the symbol of their maleness just because they are not able to attain an erection when required or demanded. Remember that if you are stressed, eaten late, or had a busy day then you are definitely not going to have proper sex. 

In this case, female partners often start tormenting and think that their husband is not attractive and having an affair. Your female partner might start thinking that you are addicted to porn in case you are not able to get an erection. 

ED is quite tough on partners because it starts making them feel detrimental as well as unattractive. However, men often start withdrawing themselves from their partner physically & mentally when they are suffering from the problem of ED. 

The partner starts reacting with the feelings of diffidence and also blames himself for the sexual complexity present in the relationship. Therefore, it is essential for women to support their men and participate in the treatment because it will bring a sense of relief. 

How you can deal with this situation?

Nowadays in the market, you can find several medicines like Kamagra, Viagra, and Cialis that treats the problem of ED effectively.  

ED is a problem that should be worked out between the couple with complete understanding to get quick success for recovery. The man should openly discuss with his partner about the problem of impotence and the difficulties he is facing. 

In this situation, the partner needs to give compassion, understand the situation, and reassure that ED is temporary and can be treated. However, discussing the problem of ED can indeed be difficult for couples.

Always remember that talking openly to your partner can help you to resolve stress and also recognize the underlying causes. You can also deal with ED problems effectively by changing food habits, quitting smoking, reducing stress levels & exercising on a regular basis.

Consequently, it might be difficult for you to talk about ED with your partner but not talking about it can damage your relationship. 

When you should get help?

If you see that the problem of ED persists longer than two to three months then you should immediately consult your doctor. you can Buy Generic Viagra 100mg to cure Erectile problem, and maintain your Sexual life,

Therefore, you can also contact the psychosexual therapist in case you think that ED acts as an obstruction in your relationship.