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Effective Erectile Dysfunction Medicines at Low price

Most men don’t like talking about it but remember erectile dysfunction or impotency is very common.

More than 30% of men between the age of 40-70 years find difficulty in achieving and maintaining a hard erection.

You need to understand that one of every 10 men is going to suffer from ED at some point in his life.

Erectile dysfunction is considered normal at any age and might be linked with other problems like restriction with sexual intercourse.

Several men assume that erectile dysfunction is caused due to psychological issues.

However, when it comes to ED then underlying vascular problems are considered as the main cause.

The underlying problems often put men at risk for various other severe medical issues.

Being a man, if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction then don’t worry because there are several medicines to help.

ED medications like Suhagra, Tadacip, Cenforce, Vidalista, Vigora help you to achieve hard erections and enjoy sexual life.

Before knowing about these drugs, it is necessary to understand what is erectile dysfunction, its causes, and its symptoms.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is an inability to achieve and hold a hard erection to indulge in sexual intercourse.

A number of men experience this problem during times of stress.

In case, you suffer from erectile dysfunction frequently then it is a sign of a major health issue that requires treatment.

Sometimes ED is also a sign of emotional or relationship difficulty that needs to be addressed with a professional.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Both emotional and physical conditions can be the possible causes of ED. Some of the common causes include:

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Obesity
  • Kidney disease
  • Hypertension or high blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Hormone imbalances or low testosterone levels
  • Increased age
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship problems

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

The following symptoms are experienced when you suffer from erectile dysfunction:

  • Decreased sexual desire
  • Difficulty in attaining a hard erection
  • Trouble keeping an erection

Effective erectile dysfunction medications

Here are some medicines that help men to treat erectile dysfunction and enjoy their lovemaking sessions.

However, you must consult the doctor once before taking any ED drugs. Some of the best & effective medicines include:


Suhagra belongs to the class of drugs called PDE-5 inhibitors and is recommended to men for treating erectile dysfunction.

This prescription medicine treats ED by relaxing the blood vessels present in the male reproductive organ.

As a result, there is an increased blood flow to the male sexual organ when a man is sexually stimulated.

It contains an active ingredient called sildenafil citrate that allows you to involve in uninterrupted sexual intercourse.

Make sure you take the medication as directed by the doctor in order to enjoy the full benefits.


Tadacip is one of the most effective and popular medicines which treat erectile dysfunction in men.

Tadalafil, the active ingredient of this pill helps in increasing blood flow to the male reproductive organ.

This further helps you to attain and maintain the hard erections required to indulge in a lovemaking session.

You need to take Tadacip almost an hour before the planned sexual activity with a glass of plain water.

Tadacip tablet is only intended for men above the age of 18 years and not women.

This medication improves your ability to attain a hard erect male sexual organ that is perfect for sexual activity.


Cenforce is effective in treating the most common sexual problem in men i.e., erectile dysfunction.

This drug contains an active ingredient called sildenafil citrate that increases blood flow to the male reproductive organ.

As a result, a man is able to maintain a strong erection that is needed for sexual orientation.

In this way, you are able to treat your sexual disorder as well as enjoy all the happy moments with your partner.

Take one Cenforce tablet an hour before the sexual activity without crushing, chewing, or breaking it.

Avoid the consumption of alcohol when using this pill as it will decrease the effectiveness of Cenforce.

Since the medicine is available in different strengths, the doctor will prescribe you the right dosage.


Vidalista is an FDA-approved and effective medicine that treats impotency or erectile dysfunction in men.

It contains tadalafil that helps you to enjoy a hard erection for a long time i.e., 24-36 hours.

This oral medicine brings penile hardness and long-sustaining hard erections so that you can penetrate the vagina.

Despite ED disorder, this pill will assure that your sexual relationship is perfect.

Before starting your ED treatment with Vidalista, you must consult the doctor once.

You need to take only one tablet with a glass of plain water an hour before the planned sexual activity.

Do not increase or decrease the dosage of this medication without the recommendation of the doctor.

Increasing the dose will not treat your condition quickly instead it will cause serious side effects.

Avoid the consumption of alcohol and grapefruit juice as both the products interact with tadalafil.


Vigora belongs to a class of drugs known as PDE-5 inhibitors that treat erectile dysfunction in adult men.

It is important to know that doctors also recommend this medicine for treating pulmonary hypertension.

Only one tablet 30-60 minutes before the planned lovemaking session will help you to achieve desired erection.

Keep one thing in your mind, Vigora helps in achieving erection only when you are sexually aroused.

This drug relaxes your blood vessels and allows smooth blood flow to the male reproductive organ.

If you miss indulging in sexual activity with your partner then Vigora is a one-stop solution for you.

When using Vigora, make sure you do not use any other ED pills and medicines containing nitrates.

Taking the medication under the supervision of the doctor will save you from unwanted side effects.

Therefore, all these medicines are not only effective in treating erectile dysfunction but are affordable as well.