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Erectile Dysfunction: A Major Men Health Concern

With time, erectile dysfunction has turned out to be the main concern among men.

The sedentary lifestyle, physical and psychological problems often lead to the issue of erectile dysfunction.

Being a man, do you find difficulty in keeping an erection for a long time during sexual activity?

If yes, then you are suffering from a male sexual disorder known as erectile dysfunction or impotency.

However, men suffering from erectile dysfunction don’t need to worry because this problem can be treated.

Erectile dysfunction might lead to a loss of affection in a marriage or long-term relationship, disturbing the mental well-being.

Men who suffer from ED also experience feelings of depression, low self-esteem, and anxiety.

In several cases, erectile dysfunction is easily treatable. Several effective treatments help in restoring sexual function, enhancing satisfaction in a relationship.

What is ED and how does it affect your relationship?

Impotence or ED is a condition that makes it difficult for a man to achieve and maintain an erection.

You must know this type of erection is necessary to indulge in different forms of sexual activities, mainly sexual intercourse.

It is not at all unusual to have difficulty in attaining an erection occasionally.

But when the symptoms occur frequently that too for a long time then it requires medical attention.

Some of the risk factors of ED include:

  • Mental health conditions including stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • High blood pressure
  • Serious kidney or liver disease
  • Diabetes
  • Low testosterone levels

Depending upon the seriousness of symptoms, some men might not be able to indulge in sexual intercourse frequently.

On the other hand, some men will not be able to involve in sexual activity at all.

Be it a long-term relationship or marriage, sexual intimacy is vital, and change in this causes anxiety for both partners.

ED not only affects mental health but also makes the partner feel confused or disbelieve that their partner is disloyal.

Such types of feelings often place great strain on a relationship.

ED might also be difficult to talk about, averting partners from even communicating openly about the problem.

How to deal with ED?

ED can be treated with the right medicines and small lifestyle changes.

Nowadays, several effective treatments are available that help in restoring sexual function, offering more sexual satisfaction in a relationship.

A doctor might help the couples understand their options and even encourage the partners to follow appointments.

However, you might require to try some treatments or go through testing to know which option is working best.

During this time, it is necessary for both the partners to be open, understanding as well as reassuring.

Ways to deal with ED include


Though it can be tough working on open communication in a relationship aid in decreasing the stress of impotency.

Since ED causes feelings of discomfiture or guilt sometimes, some men try avoiding intimacy with their partners.

Involving in a conversation about such types of feelings is vital because it helps in clearing all the misunderstandings.

Not only this but involvement in communication also reassure both the partners and improves their relationship.

Lifestyle changes

As part of the treatment, some men suffering from ED also need to make certain lifestyle changes like:

  • If a smoker then stopping smoking
  • Increasing exercises mainly aerobic workouts
  • Stopping the consumption of alcohol completely
  • Maintaining a moderate weight of the body
  • Stopping the use of illegal drugs

Implementing these small lifestyle changes can improve your ED condition to a great extent and give back your sexual life.

Prescription medicines

Although several medicines are available in the market to treat ED Viagra, Cialis and Suhagra 100mg are the most effective ones.

These medicines belong to a class of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors that treats erectile dysfunction in a short time.

They increase blood flow to the male reproductive organ, helping you to achieve and maintain hard erections for a long time.

So, if you want to treat ED and save your relationship then try implementing the above-stated points.