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Special signs of heart disease in men

Special signs of heart disease in men

A problem related to the heart is one of the lead causes of men's death compared to other health issues. On average, men develops heart problem 10 years earlier as compared to women.

Half of the men who die from heart disease suddenly die without previous symptoms. So, if you do not have any symptoms, you may still have the risk for heart disease.

However, there is also some earlier warning sign that may help identify the risks on the heart. Whereas Erectile dysfunction is one of them, some may miss it by thinking of it as a common sexual fault.

But sexual problems often predicts heart problem at the initial stage. So as Ed does and paying attention to it may help you take better preventive care.

ED: A Heart Risk Factor in Men

People mostly think that Ed is a common sexual disorder related to erectile function. Thinking it this way is one of the big mistakes that they do.

Erection problem is not a normal issue in males that they experience while getting older. Rather than, it almost indicates a warning sign for a physical problem that a man can have.

The reason how Ed indicates your cardiovascular health is the male sex tool. The penis is a vascular organ as a heart is because it has much smaller arteries than the heart. Here the impact of arteries damage can be initially seen before you develop a heart problem.

Men having Erectile Dysfunction in their 40s are 80 percent likely to have the risk of developing a heart problem within 10 years.

Treatment in these earlier stages may carry a higher success rate. During the ED treatment, your doctor may address risk factors for heart disease. It may include high blood pressure, prediabetes, excessive weight. The health issues can be earlier reflected long before they result in a heart attack or stroke.

Seek medical attention and consult your doctor if you have both Ed and heart disease. The treatment may contain certain heart medications, especially nitrates, as its use can be unsafe with Ed drugs like PDE-5 inhibitors. So caution is especially required in these health issues to prevent serious consequences.

Low testosterone: A heart risk factor in men

Having a low level of testosterone can be a sign of risk on the heart, and it can be a foretell for a heart problem.

We often think that having low testosterone is just a reduced sex drive due to a fall in hormones. But it can be a link to heart disease and type-2 diabetes. However, (low-T) is also considered a risk factor for cardiovascular and metabolic issues.

During metabolic syndrome, the patients are often found with low testosterone. As we know, metabolic syndrome and diabetes are some of the lead risk factors for heart disease. So it may indicate how low testosterone can be a sign of risk on men's hearts.

At the same time, changes in your sexual function are closely related to the rest of the body. It is important to notice these signs and get yourself checked as soon as you encounter them.

Stress: A heart risk factor in men

Stress can also be a risk factor for the health of a men's heart. Feelings of stress, anger, and anxiety may raise blood pressure or increase stress hormones in the body. These symptoms can directly impact your heart by restricting blood flow. Under these factors, the damage can be immediate in which the risk of a heart attack is five times greater.

Suffering from conditions like chronic stress is way more to health problems in men. Even during studies, men with angry or hostile personalities are at high risk of heart attacks. So developing extreme stress in you is also developing the risk your hearts health.


Physical, emotional, and psychological issues can be co-related to heart health. Understanding the earlier sign of health issues may help prevent the upcoming risk on your heart. Prioritizing preventions at the initial stages and proper medical attention is necessary.

Consult with a medical expert and know every possible risk you can face. With a healthy lifestyle, you can also put a great change and keep your heart healthy and safe.