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Tadalafil Medicine Effect On Kidneys

There are many questions in a person's mind before taking any medicine.

Regardless of the kind of drugs they are taking, everyone wants to receive safe therapy.

Questions that mainly pop up are whether this drug is safe for use.

Can it affect our vital organs? If yes, then are the effects harmful or safe? Isn't we all humans think the same as this? 

Yes, So here are pieces of essential information about the effects of Tadalafil on kidney health you might be searching for. Tadalafil is an anti-impotence medication.

It is popularly known as the Generic ingredient of Cialis, a brand ED drug. It is important to note the effects of every drug you take because it passes through your kidneys.

Some medications can be injuries to it and may negatively affect kidney function. So it becomes crucial to determine how your drug may affect your Kidney. Also, what precautions might you take to minimize the risk to your kidney health?

Effects of Tadalafil on Kidney

As a PDE-5 inhibitor, Tadalafil is mainly known to increase the level of cGMP/NO. The enzyme is usually involved in several physiological processes of the body.

Additionally, it can reduce inflammation in the vascular system and kidney tissue. Tadalafil does it by reducing the inflammatory effects during sepsis.

Impact of Tadalafil on patients with Chronic kidney disease 

Tadalafil positively affects chronic kidney disease(CKS) and High-salt induced hypertension. During studies, it decreased proteinuria and improved renal function in these conditions.

Thus, the following effects can be mechanistically linked to the control of PAI1 and myofibroblast levels. Also, Tadalafil was found to be a defense for glomerular structures.

Use of Tadalafil during Kidney stone

Tadalafil is a safe, effective, and well-tolerated medical expulsive therapy for distal ureteric stones. But it is not typically used to treat kidney stones directly.

Some studies show that Tadalafil greatly enhances ureteric stone expulsion. Along with it, better control over pain and a significant reduction in the need for analgesics can be seen. 

Can kidney problems cause erectile dysfunction?

According to the data, almost 70% of men with chronic kidney disease report ED. The actual percentage is high in the general population as it's only estimated data. Such sexual dysfunction is very common in people with (CKD), particularly those on dialysis. 

How does kidney disease cause ED?

Kidney disease may result in a narrowing of the blood vessels throughout the body. Also, it may affect the blood vessels present in the penis. Constriction over the blood vessels and impairing the blood flow to the penis may cause symptoms of ED. Narrowing blood vessels in the genital area may make it harder to get an erection. 

Can you take Tadalafil if you have kidney disease?

Yes, but consider taking lower doses; the recommended dose of Tadalafil during a kidney disease is 10mg. The dose adjustment is generally done depending on the medical conditions. If you suffer from severe renal impairment 10mg dose is the maximum. 

Is Tadalafil hard on the kidneys?

Tadalafil is primarily metabolized in the liver by our body. Its elimination from the body is primarily done through feces. And our Kidney only eliminates a small percentage through our body. Thus, Tadalafil is not to be hard on our kidneys.

Does Cialis hurt the kidneys?

Cialis (Tadalafil) is generally a safe drug for Kidney and during kidney disease. However, it is important to take this Ed medication exactly as instructed by a doctor. 

Does Tadalafil increase creatinine?

Tadalafil increases serum creatinine levels, but it is generally mild and temporary. Also, the urinary protein was lower in the tadalafil groups, comparatively to the high-salt group. Only a high dose of Tadalafil usually affects blood pressure. The impact of Tadalafil on creatinine levels is not associated with any serious adverse effects. 

Note: Patients with kidney disease must discuss this with a doctor before considering taking Tadalafil. One must follow the dosage regimen strictly to have a safe and suitable treatment. 

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