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Why Generic Sildenafil Tablets Not Good for Blood Pressure Patients?

Several people suffering from erectile dysfunction often prefer generic sildenafil tablets to treat their condition. If you are also one of them and have a problem with blood pressure then be careful. However, high blood pressure is the major cause of erectile dysfunction nowadays. 

Sildenafil Tablets Role in Erection

Erection issues are also the common side effect of several drugs including the ones that treat high blood pressure. In short, it can be said that high blood pressure and the medications used for treating it cause erectile dysfunction. 

The first choice for men to treat erectile dysfunction is mainly a class drugs that have active ingredient PDE5 inhibitors. These types of drugs block the enzyme that avoids the relaxation of smooth muscles in the male reproductive organ. By permitting the smooth muscles to relax, Generic Sildenafil Tablets make it easy for a man to get and maintain a firm erection. 

However, the erection takes place when the man is sexually aroused. But at the same time, there are several side effects of sildenafil like the cardiovascular system is affected.

Sildenafil Effect for Blood Pressure Patient

As a result, the medication becomes dangerous for patients suffering from blood pressure. Always remember that uncontrolled blood pressure causes severe problems like heart attack, stroke, nerve damage, etc. When a man suffers from high blood pressure then he has more chances of developing serious erectile dysfunction. 

Nearly 40% of men with ED have chances to suffer from hypertensive or heart disease. You need to know that several high blood pressure drugs cause erection problems as their side effects. However, it is noticed that sildenafil citrate often lowers the blood pressure in men suffering from impotency or ED.

Oral ED medication interferes with hypertension treatment. 

As a result, Sildenafil citrate Generic is not considered the best option for men suffering from high blood pressure. You need to check with your doctor once before using any oral erectile dysfunction medicine. 

Ask your doctor to combine the ED drugs with medicines that you are using for treating high blood pressure. So, do you don’t want that the erectile dysfunction treatment interferes with high blood pressure treatment? If yes, then don’t worry because vacuum erection devices are the best option for you. 

It is considered the best external treatment for ED patients and helps in producing erection easily. This type of treatment does not interfere with any kind of oral pills that you are taking. As a result, you can use anti-hypertensive medicines without any kind of additional risk. Vacuum erection devices are one of the best and effective non-drug treatments for erectile dysfunction.  

It is a type of device that gives you strong erections for almost 30 minutes. This device is also known to have a safety record and is not linked with any kind of side effects like other oral ED medications. 

However, you don’t need to use the male reproductive organ pump in advance like the ED medications sildenafil. Just before you involve in the sexual activity, incorporate it into the foreplay. This will help you to experience a hard as well as a firm erection which is perfect for sexual intercourse. 

If you looking for a cost-effective ED treatment, then nothing can be better than this vacuum pump. 

They are also helpful for penile rehabilitation in men who have experienced prostate surgery in the past. By using the pump on a regular basis, you start attaining more firm and natural erections that meets all your sexual desire. 


So, if you are worried that sildenafil with interact with your high blood pressure then switch to a vacuum erection pump. 

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