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Itaspor - 200mg

Itaspor - 200mg
Itaspor - 200mg
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Intas Pharmaceuticals India
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Product Description

What is Itaspor 200mg?

Itaspor 200mg capsules belong to a group of medications called antifungals. It helps by stopping the growth of the fungus and is used to treat infection of the lungs, mouth, throat, vagina, and other parts of the body including fingernails and toenails. This medicine kills the fungi by destroying their cell membrane, thereby it stops their growth of fungi, and treats the infection.


How does it work?

Itaspor 200mg is composed of Itraconazole, It is an active incident of this drug which belongs to a group of anti-fungal medications. It works by inhibiting the synthesis of an essential component of the fungi cell membrane, known as Ergosterol. By inhibiting cytochrome P450- dependent 14a-demethylase enzyme, it helps in inhabits the growth of these microorganisms which results in their death and treats the associated symptoms. 


Dosage Indication

Itaspor Capsules are available in different strengths, Your doctor may advise you the suitable dosage amount and how often you should take it each day, After examining your condition and according to the severity of the symptoms. You should follow the prescription strictly and take it in the exact dose and duration. Take these capsules with food for better absorption. Swallow it with water and avoid its crushing or chewing during its administration. If you are also taking antacid then you should take it before or after 1 hour of taking Itaspor capsules. You should not take it for a longer time than the recommended one. It is a prescription drug and you should not start/stop using this medicine on your own. Complete the full medication course and never skipping the dose between the course.


Side Effects

Here are some possible side effects that Itaspor 200mg can include along with its benefits-



Weight gain

Increased thirst


Irregular heartbeat

Dryness of mouth

Abdominal pain

Acid or sour stomach



Decreased urine output



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