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Cenforce 150mg

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Cenforce 150mg
Cenforce 150mg
Active Ingredients
Sildenafil Citrate
Generic Brand for
cenforce 150mg
150 mg
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Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
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Product Description

Cenforce 150mg - Generic Sildenafil Citrate Tablets

Today, preparations based on Sildenafil are the most popular among men suffering from impotence. Indeed, numerous studies have shown high efficacy and safety for the male health of the original Viagra and Its Generic Called Cenforce 150mg Tablets.The tool is intended for men suffering from erectile dysfunction in various stages of disease progression.The weakening of potency (erection) may be associated with: physiological pathologies and Psychological reasons.

Erectile Dysfuncion happens due to deviations in the work of the endocrine, genitourinary or cardiovascular systems, or it depends on congenital pathologies. More precisely, only a physician can determine this in each case. Mostly violations of the potency of this nature are observed in middle-aged men- 35-50 years old.

Psychological reasons

In this case, the erectile function does not work correctly solely for psychological reasons. Moreover, from the point of view of physiology, a man is quite healthy. Such pathology is most often found in younger patients- 18-25 years old. This is due to their inexperience and youthful hyper-sexuality.
In both cases, CENFORCE 150 will be a very suitable treatment or a one-time effect.

How does the drug work?

The principle of operation of Cenforce 150 is no different from the effects of other Viagra analogs. The tool is an inhibitor of the PDE-5 type. Its effect on the man’s body occurs in this way (only in the presence of a strong sexual irritant- women, porn, etc.):
• The blood flow in the pelvic organs and the genitals of men in particular increases. As a result of this, sexual desire rises, and the general tone of the body also rises, a surge of strength is observed.

• Entering the genitals through the arteries, the blood is partially blocked in the veins- the penis swells and becomes firmly elastic.

• A man is ready to start sexual intercourse. At the same time, the duration of intimacy under the influence of the drug can reach several hours (intermittently). During this time, a man can satisfy even the most active lady.
Within 24 hours, almost all components of Cenforce 150 are excreted naturally from the body.

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