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Cenforce - D

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Cenforce - D
Cenforce - D
Active Ingredients
Sildenafil With Dapoxetine
Generic Brand for
Sildenafil With Dapoxetine
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Centurian Lab.
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Product Description

Cenforce D Tablets ( Sildenafil+Dapoxetine) - Dosage and Use

Cenforce D Tablets is a combination of 100mg Sildenafil citrate and 60mg of Dapoxetine hydrochloride. Sildenafil & dapoxetine is a highly effective tool that inhibits the process of ejaculation in men, and that has a different effect on the male body than the action of the pills that only act on the potency, which only eliminates erectile dysfunction, without affecting the duration of sexual intercourse.

The medicine has passed all the required clinical tests that have its reliability, safety, and effectiveness. This, as well as the many enthusiastic reviews of the men who have already experienced its effects, explains the fact that sales of these pills are steadily increasing all over the world. Now, finally, it is possible to buy the original Dapoxetine at a reduced price at a very affordable price.

The active ingredient of the drug is dapoxetine hydrochloride, a substance belonging to the pharmacological group of antidepressants that selectively blocks the reabsorption of serotonin by brain cells. This effect of dapoxetine on serotonin metabolism leads to its accumulation within nerve cells, which constitute the control center of the ejaculation process in the cerebral cortex. An increase in the intracellular content of serotonin inhibits the onset of ejaculation and leads to prolonged sexual intercourse.

Information for drug intake

Before starting to use DapoxetinePoxet, read the instructions for use of the drug carefully and read in detail, above all, the sections on contraindications and drug interactions. We also strongly recommend that you should consult your doctor about the use of this medicine.
The medicine is taken once a day, an hour before sexual intercourse. The tablet should be taken with a little water. The drug is incompatible with alcoholic beverages, as such a combination can lead to negative interactions with the central nervous system. Dapoxetine can be taken daily. The effectiveness of the drug lasts for 5-6 hours.

Side Effects

These are some side effects that Cenforce -D can contain, which can be seen mostly during its first use and get well itself when you are adjusted to this drug if you still have adverse effects of this drug you must inform a doctor immediately.



Digestion problems

Dryness of throat and excessive sweating

Increase in blood pressure or heartbeats

Prolong or painful erection

Flushed or redness of the face.

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