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Cerazette 0.08 mg

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Cerazette 0.08 mg
Cerazette 0.08 mg
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Product Description

Cerazette (Desogestrel) 0.08mg
Desogestrel is the brand name for a contraceptive pill which contains the active ingredient Desogestrel. It is also known as a progestogen-only pill or mini-pill and is administered to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It is useful the breast-feeding women and the women who are intolerant to oestrogen or who are unwilling to take oestrogen because of the health risks related to it.

Desogestrel 0.08mg Working Mechanism
Cerazette contains the active ingredient Desogestrel, a synthetic progestogen. Desogestrel has similar effects on the menstrual cycle just like the natural progestogens produced by the body do. This medicines works by preventing the release of eggs from the ovaries. It thickens the cervical mucus and also prevents the sperm from the entering the uterus.
Thus preventing the egg from implanting in the uterus lining.

Desogestrel 0.08mg Dosage Facts
This medicine should not be taken in larger or smaller quantities or for longer period than recommended. It should be taken orally, once a day every day for continuous 21 days and then be discontinued for 7 days. It should be taken same time every day. This medicine may give a feeling of nausea when taken; to avoid it, it can be taken with food or milk.

Desogestrel 0.08mg Side Effects
Any of the following side effects experienced, should be reported to the doctor immediately.
Irregular periods
High blood pressure, shortness of breath
Inflammation of vagina, vaginal spotting
Breast tenderness, change in weight
Migraines, slurred speech, mood swings
Hives, skin rashes
Cerazette 0.08mg Buying Information
Cerazette 0.08mg tablets of strength 0.08mg come in the form of 21, 28 or 84 tablets in a pack. They are easily available in all the known pharmacies.
They could be bought online too at great prices which is possible through huge discounts and deals offered by the respective online pharmacies.

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