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Climax Spray

Climax Spray treats male sexual faults like premature ejaculation(PE). Men who suffer from premature ejaculation can profit from the benefits of this Spray.

Climax Spray
Climax Spray
Active Ingredients
Lignocaine Spray
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Climax Spray
5mg and 200 Spray
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3 Spray $5.60 $5.60
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Product Description

Climax Spray For Premature Ejaculation

Climax Spray treats male sexual faults like premature ejaculation(PE). Men who suffer from premature ejaculation can profit from the benefits of this Spray. The Spray prolongs the duration of sexual intercourse and leads to sexual satisfaction. It acts by turning your regular penis into a rock hard that helps a man stay longer on the bed. Climax spray delays ejaculation and brings an enhanced pleasure level for both partners. Climax Spray ensures an orgasm for the female partner by boosting male performance. 

Climax spray is meant for men who cant hold on to their ejaculation and ejaculate too soon. In medical terms, the fault is known as premature ejaculation, and Climax Spray can manage it. 

Manufacturer of Climax Spray

Medicare Pharmaceuticals manufactures Climax Spray for men with the pre-ejaculation problem. It is a leading wellness company that manufactures high-quality pharmaceutical products. You can visit a reputable online store like ours and grab them cheap to buy them.  

How to use Climax Spray? 

The prime component of Climax Spray lignocaine is a local anesthetic. When sprayed on the organ, it increases semi anesthetic effect (sensitivity threshold). It minimizes men’s genital sensitivity. Thus it delays the ejaculation time during s*x. Climax spray helps a male sustain the erection for a long time and allows them to make their partner happy. Improving the quality of s*x allows for more satisfaction for both partners. 

 Use Climax Spray as directed by your doctor, and start using it only on their recommendation. Read the leaflet thoroughly and carefully before you start using this anti-ED treatment. 

Before using it, shake the bottle well before the use. Climax Spray is for external use only, and it is directly sprayed on the penis. Keep the bottle at a distance of around 5cm away from the glans of the male tool. Spray Climax Spray directly on the penis once or twice for the best results. Short burst the Spray while using it, apply it carefully, and avoid contact with other organs or skin areas. Only a minimum amount of this Spray is necessary to get desired effects. Do not spray more amount of products as it can lead to loss of erection in some cases. Using it in excessive amounts can cause extreme numbness in the penis. So make sure to use it once or twice or as suggested by your doctor. Apply the Climax Spray 5 to 15 minutes prior before you plan to have s*x. The Spray takes 30 seconds to take the effects and start the work for a better experience. Have a word with your doctor promptly if you experience any unpleasant effects. Especially if you experience a mild burning sensation or numbness of the penis after the use.

When not to use Climax Spray

Do not apply the Climax spray on your penis if you have an allergy to lignocaine and if your partner has an allergy or hypersensitivity to the content of Climax spray.

 Avoid applying the Spray over skin areas with rashes, cuts, or wounds.

 Side effects of Climax Spray

Some of the side effects that may rarely appear after using Climax Spray are-

  • Irritation
  • Redness
  • Numbness
  • Itching
  • Burning or tingling feeling

If you experience these effects after using the Spray, please consult with a doctor. You should immediately continue using the Spray and seek medical attention in such a case. Also, note that any of these side effects can also affect your partner. So make sure the product is not causing an adverse effect while using it. 

Safety precautions while using Climax Spray

 Avoid contact with sensitive organs like the eyes, mouth, and nose. Rinse your eye, nose, or mouth immediately with water to reduce its effects in case of any contact.

  •  Lidocaine is not safe for consumption, so do not apply it if you want to have oral s*x.
  •  Do not use Climax Spray if your partner is pregnant or breastfeeding a baby.
  •  Keep the Spray out of reach of the children and keep it in a particular space.
  •  Please read the label before using it for the first time and follow the instructions carefully.
  •  Store Climax Spray in a cool and dry place away from the direct sunlight.
  •  Use the Spray only under medical supervision and consult with a doctor before using it.

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