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Content Policy

Content Policy

Content Information Policy
At, our content's uprightness makes us predominantly supreme.

The standards, terms, and rules that guide our editorial and medical content are outlined in here.

Our content information policy establishes guidelines for how we formulate content, produce information, validate facts, verify correctness, keep it updated, and proofread it.

Our most valuable resources are our readers. To maintain our relationship with our readers, we are dedicated to delivering objective and reliable content.

Thus, our writers, editors, proofreaders, and medical specialists work to bring exemplarily informative and quality content by preserving the highest editing standards.

Ground - Research
- We prepare the base of our content with utmost care.
- Our readers can learn about varied topics stretching across medical health and overall well-being.
- Multiple contents make a thoughtful connection between the way of life and health.
- The goal is to promote compassionate care for the overall well-being of everyone around the globe.
- Articles across the portal cover various domains that collectively address well-being, and our editorial staff undertakes in-depth field research and self-evaluation.
- vows to make a difference.
- Since the foundation of any content is laid with proper research. We encourage our writers to perform in-depth analyses of the assigned topics.
- They delve in deep to collect information. Writers go through the different government and international organizations' websites.
- Further, our writers aim to simplify information about diverse health-related topics.
- We also attach reliable sources for our reader's convenience.
- Thus, we utilize relevant, diverse, and qualified sources to ensure that we provide the best information to the user.

Logic and Statistics
- We collect information from reliable sources.
- To avoid discrepancies, our writers ensure that the research and information are collected from reliable sources.

Selecting the Ideal Team
- fosters an inclusive team with members from different backgrounds and cultures.
- This brings a variety of voices and perspectives to the table.
- Our in-house team picks experienced authors and collaborators with diligence.
- We evaluate the topic competence, subject matter expertise, and life experience of our content authors.
- We educate them on the best techniques for research and sourcing and give continuous feedback and guidance.
- We conduct regular training and sessions to empower and educate the authors.
- All these factors collectively help the team recognize its aim and create well-researched and analyzed information for its audience.

Evaluation and Presentation
- content strives to inform the audience of the best health solutions and maintain overall wellness.
- Our accessible, accurate, and credible content enables and empowers our audience with the correct information.
- We guarantee authenticity at the table with our well-established editorial procedure.
- The content team at follows a specific methodology each time they create new content. However, this content gets updated with new research and development discoveries.
- Before posting on the portal, each material goes through the same creation and review process.

Research Questions
Wording and styling are our expertise. Thus, our writers aim to structure and style the content with the help of self-evaluation and bringing in the human touch.
Hence, our writers step in the shoes of the readers. They build in content around several questions like the following:
- Why am I facing hair loss?
- Why am I facing issues in performing well in bed?
- Do I know someone who has Diabetes? What is the treatment they opt for? What is the cause of the condition.
- Is this information relevant to the intent of the reader?
Thus, a writer evaluates these questions and hence structures an article accordingly.

Testing Accuracy
With us, the writer is never solely responsible for the content. The bag of responsibilities is shared with the team.

The collected data and information must be verified, reviewed, and checked by undergoing editing and correction.

Our health content is peer-reviewed by medical professionals and editors.

The names of the author, editor, and medical reviewer are listed with each article.

Each content has a modification date, after which it is updated to ensure accuracy.

Even after publishing, we immediately rectify errors and update changes we discover, no matter how trivial they may be.

We follow a step-by-step process for fact-checking before publishing the content.

Before sending the article to the editorial staff, the writer conducts research and fact-checks.

Then the document is scanned by the proofreader to double-check the facts.

The article is then medically assessed by a specialist who can give their perspective on the review and clinical and research skills.

Our proofreader is dedicated to identifying content gaps, grammatical errors, informational incorrectness, etc.

Ensure the content is informative, structured, grammatically correct, and factually correct.

Proofreader ensure that the content adheres to the guidelines laid by the organization in pursuing excellence.

Regular Content Updation
Health information evolves with new research, development, discoveries, and experiments.

We take this as a responsibility to update the already published content for our readers.

To practice this, we have editor, proofreader, and subject-matter expert dedicated to finding and correcting older information.

Our medical expert give a final green flag to the content after reviewing it so that the written information adheres to clinical guidelines.

The team shares these revelations with our editor and collaborator so that the content can be updated to reflect the most recent, correct, and beneficial information.

We continually inspect the material and update and review it.

The updates could involve making minor corrections, adding new details, swapping out images and sources, or making any other changes to make the content more beneficial for you, the reader.

The editorial staff at regularly evaluates the information supplied and looks for new updates.

The information on the sources we link will be rechecked as part of this audit.

We welcome reader comments and opinions on our articles.

If you see an article that could be improved, please contact us at

Our medical and editorial team shall look into reviewing these suggestions and hence incorporate your suggestions.