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Forzest 20mg

Forzest 20mg
Forzest 20mg
Active Ingredients
Tadalafil 20mg
Generic Brand for
Cialis 20mg
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Product Description

What is Forzest 20mg?

Forzest 20mg tablet is a drug or medicine. This medicine uses to treat erectile dysfunction in men and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Erectile is a condition where the Penis loses its ability to get erect while having sex. it happens because of a stressful lifestyle, age, or fatigue. Forzest 20 mg contains the ingredient called tadalafil. It helps your penis reach the hardness. Tadalafil inhibits phosphodiesterase enzyme. It leads to a breakdown of cGMP. Blood vessels get to relax in the penis because of this breakdown. Forzest 20mg increases the flow of blood into your penis.

Use this medicine with the prescription of the doctor. It may cause any side effects if you will take an overdose. It will be less effective if you are taking an underdose. If you want to get the desired result, use the right amount of dose.

What does Forzest 20mg work?

Forzest 20 mg relaxes the blood vessel after the breakdown of cGMP. It allows blood to flow into the penis. The flow of blood is important for erection. ED causes due by less amount of blood flow into the penis or a negligible amount of blood flow into the penis. Forzest 20 mg tablet will only work when you will be sexually aroused. Thanks to it, now you can have sex with your partner without any hesitation.

How to use Forzest 20mg?

You can use Forzest 20 mg tablet with food or on an empty stomach. Use Forzest 20 mg 30-60 minutes before sex. this will help you get an erection only when you are sexually aroused. It will take 30-60 minutes to get an erection after consuming this medicine. Timing may differ from person to person. Don’t use this medicine without a prescription from a doctor. Follow the doses strictly prescribed by your doctor. Sallow Forzest whole drug. Don’t break, chew or crush it. Don’t use it with alcohol or grapefruit juice. Don’t overdose or underdose. In the case of underdose, you will not able to see the desired results. In case of overdose, you may experience a side effect. Contact your doctor in case of side effects.

Doses of Forzest 20mg

Forzest has different doses like Forzest 10 mg, Forzest 20, Forzest 40 mg. Generally, the doctor prescribed the 20mg doses. They can increase or lower the doses according to how your body reacts. This dose is prescribed only for people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. If you don't have ED and, want to use it for increases the sex time. Don’t use this medicine or any other erectile dysfunction drug. It may be dangerous and give you side effects. Use only one does in 24 hours. If you will use more than it, it may cause an overdose.

Side effects of Forzest 20mg?

Like any other ED medicine, it has also side effects. The side effects have been divided into three parts on the seriousness. Side effects vary from person to person. It is the possibility that you don’t find any symptoms from the following list.

Common side effects:

Like its name, many people have found symptoms that are common to each other. These symptoms don’t need any medical check-up. It gets normal as your body adjusted to this medicine. Inform your doctor if it takes a long time like more than 4-6 hours.

  • Headache
  • Arm and leg pain
  • Back pain
  • Muscle ache
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting 

Serious or less common side effects:

Some people find these symptoms. If you came to know you have serious side effects. Inform your doctor.

  • Rashes on the body (it happens due to allergic reaction)
  • Blurred vision
  • Chest pain
  • Sudden loss of vision

Rare side effects:

These side effects happen in a few people. Meet with the doctor immediately.

  • Memory loss
  • Heart attack
  • Long and painful erection
  • Loss or decrease of hearing

What are the precautions for Forzest 20mg?


  • Alcohol is bad for erection. Don’t consume alcohol before using Forzest 20 tablets.


  • There is limited research are done on this topic. But this medicine is not intended for women. Avoid using it.
  • Breastfeeding: Avoid using Forzest. This is made to treat erectile dysfunction. It is not for women.


  • Don’t use it while driving or don’t drive after using this medicine. It may show side effects and cause accidents.
  • Machine:  Don’t use the machine after using this.
  • Kidney problem: If you are suffering from kidney disease. Don’t use it. Consult with the doctor. If the doctor prescribed you then you can use it.
  • Heart disease: If you are suffering from heart disease. Don’t use it without the prescription of the doctor. You can use it if the doctor has prescribed you.

Allergy: If you have had an allergic reaction in past using this medicine or any other ED medication. Avoid using it. 

Interaction with other medicine

Many medicines don’t consume well with Forzest 20 mg like nitrate used for chest pain. There are many more ED medicine available on the market. Which have the same ingredients. If you will use both of them. It will lead to overdose.

Medicine that Do not take with Forzest:

  • Nitrates (for chest pain)
  • Riociguat (for pulmonary arterial hypertension)
  • Ketoconazole (for fungal infection)
  • Alpha-blocker (for high blood pressure or urinary symptoms)
  • Protease inhibitors (for AIDS or HIV)
  • Other medicine that treats ED


Can I consume alcohol while using this medicine?

Alcohol is bad for erection. if you use Forzest 20 mg with alcohol. It may lower your blood pressure. You may feel common side effects. You can consume a small amount of alcohol.

How does Forzest 20 mg works?

Erection in the penis depends on the flow of blood. Erectile dysfunction causes due to less amount of blood flow or a negligible amount of blood flow in the penis. Forzest increases the flow of blood into the penis.

Does Forzest 20 mg help in HIV or AIDS?

This medicine doesn’t diagnose AIDS/HIV. Have safe sex even after consuming this medicine.


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