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Januvia 100mg

Januvia 100mg
Januvia 100mg
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Product Description

Januvia 100mg

Sitagliptin 100mg is the medication used for treating elevated blood pressure and conditions arising out of it. The medication works incredibly well when taken with a proper dietary schedule and exercise routine.
The medication is given to patients suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. Sitagliptin reduces the risk of heart stroke, kidney damage, loss of limbs, sexual disorders, and nerve problems by keeping the blood pressure at a normal level.

Sitagliptin 100mg Working Mechanism

Sitagliptin, when orally administered, increases the number of incretins in the human body. Incretins are chemical substances that control the blood sugar level by enabling the pancreas to produce enough insulin. The medication also lowers down the sugar amount produced by the liver.

Januvia 100mg Dosage Facts

Take Sitagliptin 100mg once daily with or without food or as directed by the doctor.
Follow all guidelines mentioned in the medication leaflet. Check your blood pressure regularly while using Sitagliptin drug. Have a proper diet and do regular exercise for best health results.

Januvia 100mg Side Effects

Tremors, dizziness, blurred vision, tingling or numbness and irregular heartbeat are common side effects of Sitagliptin. It is not known to cause Hypoglycemia but when it is given along with anti-diabetic drugs, it may result in low blood pressure.

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