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Repace 100mg

Repace - 100mg
Repace - 100mg
Active Ingredients
Losartan potassium
Generic Brand for
Manufacture by
Sun Pharma
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Product Description

Repace 100mg ( Losartan Potassium) - Uses

Repace 100mg is a drug used to treat patients are having high blood pressure by not allowing blood veins to get thin which in turn lowers the pressure of blood and runs smoothly. The drug also helps type 2 diabetic patients easily develop kidney disorder and allow heart patients to live more by lessens the strokes. The drug belongs to the class of angiotensin II receptor antagonists.

The component Losartan Potassium might shows allergic signs on few patients, if you notice any, immediately stop the drug. The drugs have an aliskiren component that might interact with Repace 100mg, a diabetic patient must avoid it and contact a doctor.
A big no for a pregnant woman to consume Losar 50mg as it might injure the fetus.

Repace 100mg how to take?

After seeing patients medical situation, a doctor decides the dosage of the drug. Must follow it thoroughly to avoid any complication in near future. After taking Losartan Potassium , it shows negative signs like low blood pressure or imbalanced electrolytes, also a patient may get dehydrated soon.

Repace 100mg Side Effects

Losartan Potassium side effects are unbearable and must be inform to the healthcare provider to take the immediate medical help.
These side effects includes excessive sweating, loss of appetite, feverish feeling, burning urination, pale yellow urine, slow heart beats, nausea, dizziness, seizures etc.

Repace 100mg-Buying Information

Repace 100mg and its generic medications can be purchased OTC in USA.
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