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Metolar xr 50 mg

Metolar xr 50 mg
Metolar xr 50 mg
Active Ingredients
Metoprolol Succinate
Generic Brand for
Toprol XL
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Product Description

Metolar Xr 50mg Uses

Metolar Xr 50mg is a derivative of Metoprolol Succinate made by Cipla Pharmaceuticals and is a famous beta-blocker used for treating acute chest pain or angina, high blood pressure, and heart failures. The drug relieves symptoms by restricting the action of the epinephrine hormone in the body, resulting in dilation of vessels and good blood circulation.
It is also indicated for the improvement of life after surviving a heart attack and migraine pains.

Dosage and Administration

TakeMetoprolol Succinate Xr 50mg tablets after a consultation with the doctor and follow his advice closely. Use Metoprolol Succinate 50mg tablets by mouth, with or after the meal, once in a day, or as prescribed by the doctor. Your dosage will be decided as per your medical condition and response to the remedy. Extended-release tablets must not be crushed or chewed as this will lead to the absorption of excessive medication, which is harmful. Take this medication for a complete course of time.

Side Effects

Metoprolol Succinate 50mg side effects are Cold feeling in hands or feet, rapid weight gain, confusion, trouble in sleeping, dizziness, memory difficulties slow respiration, lightheadedness, weakness, diarrhea and skin reactions.

Metoprolol Succinate 50mg Precautions

Do not use It if you have hypersensitivity towards the drug.
Keep checking your blood and blood pressure levels regularly while using Metoprolol Succinate 50mg pills.
It must not be consumed without doctors approval if you have or are having any blood circulation disorder, heart disease, slow respiration problem or have a history of heart failure.

Metoprolol Succinate 50mg use is contraindicated in pregnant or lactating patients.

Metolar Xr 50mg Buying Info

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