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Mintop Lotion - 2% (60 ml)

Mintop Lotion - 2% (60 ml)
Mintop Lotion - 2% (60 ml)
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60 ml
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Dr. Reddy
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Product Description

Rogaine (Mintop) 2% 60ml

Minoxidil 2% 60ml suspension is used for the treatment of androgenic alopecia. It helps in stopping hair fall and promotes the growth of new hair. It may not be very effective in conditions where hair fall is too much and in the treatment of bigger areas of baldness. Minoxidil in this medicine works as a vasodilator medicine.

Minoxidil 2% 60ml-Important Information

If you have any sort of allergies or are suffering from any serious medical condition inform your doctor. In case of hypersensitivity to any medication inform the doctor.

Works and dosage

This suspension works effectively when applied for a longer period of time. Generally, it is applied twice daily or as per the doctor's recommendation. Rogaine 2% 60ml should be applied continuously and avoid missing any dose for it to work effectively.

Side Effects

Certain side effects like irritation, itching, redness in the applied area, or in the eye can occur, swellings of any facial parts, allergies, hives, rashes, shortness of breath, etc or any other symptoms may occur. Seek immediate medical help if any symptom becomes severe.

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