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Ramipres 5mg

Ramipres 5mg
Ramipres 5mg
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Ramipres 5mg tablets  - Instruction for Using

Individuals who have high blood pressure or are suffering from congestive heart failure are prescribed Ramipril 5mg which belongs to the group of drugs called ACE inhibitors (angiotensin converting enzyme). People who have recently had a heart attack are also treated with this OTC medication to improve the survival.

Ramipril 5mg-Points to be Noted
Do not take this medicine if you are pregnant. If you become pregnant during the treatment, stop taking Ramipril 5 mg and inform your doctor immediately. If you have diabetes, do not take Ramipril 5mg with a diabetic drug that contains aliskiren. Drink plenty of water during the treatment with Ramipril 5mg to avoid dehydration

Ramipril 5mg-Dosing Information
Take Ramipril 5mg dosage as per the prescription of your doctor. Swallow the table whole with a full glass of water. You can open a Ramipres capsule and sprinkle the medicine into half cup of water apple sauce or apple juice to make the swallowing easier. Swallow the mixture right away without chewing it. This mixture may be stored for 24 hours at room temperature and 48 hours in a refrigerator.

Ramipril 5mg-What are the Side Effects?
Consult with your doctor instantly if you experience chest pain, lightheadedness, little or no urinating or urinating more than usual, sore throat, fever, chills, pain when swallowing, skin sores or painful mouth sores.

Where to Buy Ramipres 5mg?
You can buy Ramipres 5mg online from a reputed pharmacy at discounted prices.

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