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Albucid Eye Drop

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Albucid Eye Drop (Sulfacetamide)
Albucid Eye Drop (Sulfacetamide)
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Albucid Eye Drop (Sulfacetamide) - Uses and Side Effects

Albucid eye drop 20% is composed of an antibiotic known as sulfacetamide, and steroid prednisolone. It helps to treat swelling of eyes which is generally caused by a bacterial infection and stops the growth of infection. where it also used for ocular allergy, inflammation of iris, eyelid, and ciliary body of the eye. This medicine helps to reduce symptoms like pain, itching, redness, or soreness caused by eye infection and provides us relief.

Albucid 20% eye drop - Important information

After using Albucid 20% eye drop if you do not observe improvement in the symptoms and in place it, if they get worse then you should stop the medication and consult a doctor immediately, Do not use this medication if you have an allergy to sulfacetamide and another inactive ingredient of this eye drop. The dropper opening is sterile so it should not be touched to prevent the infection and you must avoid wearing contact lenses when you are using this medicine.

How do Albucid20% eye drop works?

Albucid eye drop containing sulfacetamide and prednisolone. These antibiotics stop the growth of the bacterial which are responsible for eye infection. This medicine prevents the synthesis of the essential proteins which are required to bacteria for their vital function and survival. This mechanism of the drug results in the death of bacterial and stops the spread of infection and treat the infection effectively by providing relief from the unpleasant symptoms.

How to use Albucid 20% eye drop?

Albucid 20% eye drop should be used as directed by a doctor. Use this drop regularly at evenly spaced time intervals as scheduled by a doctor for you. Do not skip any of the doses and complete the full treatment course without disturbing its dosage amount. Stopping this medication earlier can bring the infection back and can also get worsen than the earlier so avoid such risk and must inform your doctor before stopping the use of this drop.

This eye drop does not work for the other types of infection, for example, viral infection and it only helps to treat bacterial infection, therefore, it is important to take this medicine after a doctor prescription, where unnecessary use of an antibiotic can also lead to a decrease in its effectiveness in the future so follow the prescription strictly and use its recommended dosage amount only.

Albucid 20 % eye drop is for external use only and read out all the directions and instructions indicated on the leaflet. when using it hold the dropper near to the eye without touch it to the eye part and squeeze the dropper slowly and place the medicine drop inside the lower eyelid carefully.

Side effects

  • Discharge from eyes
  • Burning and stinging sensation
  • Bleeding and bruising
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Conjunctival hyperemia
  • Irritation
  • And other hypersensitivity skin reactions.

If any of these side effects cause heavy difficulty you must contact a doctor soon.


Before being prescribed eye care medicine, You must inform your doctor about your pre-existing disease, allergies, as well as current health conditions, upcoming surgery, pregnancy, and also about the present list of medicine which is being used by you like otc(over the counter) drugs, vitamins, herbal supplements which can interact with this medicine and can effects it's working. These health issues and medication can e more susceptible to the side effects of this eye drop. So it is important to take this medication under the supervision of a doctor particularly based on your condition.

Keep the medication in a dry and cool place and its use is not recommended in infants less than 2 months old and always check the manufacturing date on the label before using it.