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Rivamer - 3 mg

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Rivamer - 3 mg
Rivamer - 3 mg
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3 mg
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Sun pharma
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Product Description

 Rivamer 3Mg (Rivastigmine) - Uses and Side Effects

Rivastigmine 3Mgis used to make the functioning of brain nerve cells better, which is usually lowered or disrupted in case of dementia. Mild to medium level of dementia is treated using Rivastigmine.

Rivastigmine 3Mg- Important Information

Doctor should be informed about patients pregnancy or lactation. Patients suffering from- heart problems, seizures, large prostate, liver disorder, disease of kidney, problem in urinating, asthma or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or any other allergy or ailment; must inform doctor.

How Rivastigmine 3Mg works?

Rivastigmine works by stopping the breakdown of chemical of organic neurotransmitter which is called acetylcholine, which is very vital for memory, reasoning and thinking.

Where to find Rivamer 3Mg?

Rivamer 3Mg can be accessed from various online medical stores. Customers get the drugs at low rates from registered online pharmacies and they also get additional discount offers. Renowned stores have very suitable and useful websites, very convenient for customers.

Side effects

Some possible drug reactions- loss of weight, nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea, urinating and stool problems, pain in abdomen, low heartbeat, bloody vomit, fainting, seizures, etc. Doctor must be immediately contact to get medical aid.

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