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Viraday Tablets

Viraday Tablets
Viraday Tablets
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Product Description

Viraday 300mg

Viraday 300mg is a combination drug having three key ingredients - efavirenz, emtricitabine, and tenofovir, given to HIV patients. It prevents the human immune virus from reproducing in the body.

Tenofovir 300mg Working Mechanism
Tenofovir 300mg medication is not a permanent cure but temporary relief from HIV. When taken, it inhibits the growth of HIV cells that have not formed yet. It does not affect those cells which already exist.

Tenofovir 300mg Dosage Facts
Take Tenofovir 300mg by mouth without food during bedtime or as advised by your doctor. Do not skip doses. As this medication contains three medications, ensure whether these three drugs are right for you or not.

Tenofovir 300mg Side Effects
Confusion, trouble in sleeping, diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, skin discoloration, freckles, and darkening of palms are common side effects of Tenofovir 300mg.

Viraday 300mg Buying Information
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