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Virovir 500 mg

Virovir 500 mg
Virovir 500 mg
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Product Description

What is Virovir 500mg?

Famciclovir is used to slow down the spread and growth of herpes virus and treat symptoms of this virus in a human body. This over-the-counter drug Famciclovir helps the body fight various infections brought about by the herpes viruses such as chickenpox, shingles, genital herpes, and cold sores.

Famciclovir-Important Information
This medication Famciclovir may not be effective if the sufferer takes it after 1 or 2 days after the appearance of the symptoms. You should not use Virovir if you are allergic to famciclovir.
People coming in contact with you can contract the virus from you even if you are taking Famciclovir so do not allow the infected areas to come in contact with people. Wash your hands frequently with a medicated soap so as not to infect others.

How to Take Famciclovir?
Treatment with Famciclovir should be started as early as you see the first signs such as tingling, burning or blisters. Individuals having genital herpes may require taking Famciclovir two times daily for one year to avoid a recurrence.

Famciclovir Side Effects
Get in touch with your health care provider at once if you experience side effects such as swelling, weight gain, fluttering in your chest, increased thirst, confusion, rapid heartbeat, loss of hunger, shortness of breath, and weakness.

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