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Azopt Eye Drop

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Azopt Eye Drop
Azopt Eye Drop
Active Ingredients
Brinzolamide solution
Generic Brand for
Azopt Eye Drop
5 ml
Manufacture by
Alcon Laboratory
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1 Pack $38.17 $38.17
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Product Description

What is Azopt Eye Drop )?
Azopt Eye Drop eye drop suspension is used for the treatment of elevated intraocular pressure in a person with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension. It belongs to a class of medication called anhydrase inhibitors and works by decreasing extra fluid in the eye.

Azopt Eye Drop -Important Information
Any hypersensitivity to any drug should be reported to the doctor. Do not let the tip of the suspension bottle touch your eye. If using more than one suspension keep a gap of 15 min between the two. Take off contact lenses before administering the dosage.

How does Azopt Eye Drop (5ml) work and dosage?
This medication works by controlling the amount of liquid in the eye. Dosage should be administered exactly as prescribed by the doctor. Azopt eye Dose may vary depending on the severity of the eye condition.

Azopt Eye Drop (5ml)-Side Effects
Certain side Effects like sour taste temporarily blurred vision and dry throat, breathing trouble, any ocular discomfort, or any other symptom may occur. If any symptom looks serious or lasts longer than usual then take immediate medical help.

Where to find Azopt eye drop 1% (5ml)?
Azopt eye medication is easily and readily available on any of the well-reputed online pharmacies. You may get them at the cheapest rates possible sometimes even less than market price.
You may be lucky enough to get good deals and discounts.

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