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Forcan 200 mg

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Forcan - 200 mg
Forcan - 200 mg
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Product Description

What is Forcan 200mg?

Forcan 200mg tablets belong to a group of Anti-fungal drugs. It helps by stopping the growth of fungus and is used to treat the fungal infection of the mouth, throat, vagina, and other parts of the body including toenails and fingernails. This drug kills the fungi by attacking the fungal cell membrane and treats infection completely under its administration. 


How does Forcan 200mg work?

Forcan 200mg tablets are composed of fluconazole, it is a broad-spectrum antifungal drug that belongs to the triazole group of antifungal medications. It inhibits a specific fungal enzyme which is necessary for the synthesis of ergosterol. It is an important component of the fungal cell membrane that is generally found in animal cells. Forcan tablets weaken the fungal cell membrane, it causes the leak of cell contents which kills the fungus, thus it prevents its spread, and relieves the associated symptoms effectively.


Dosage Indication

This tablet is taken after a prescription from a doctor. It should be swallowed whole with a glass of water, you can take Forcan tablet with or without having food. The dosage and length of its administration depend on the severity of the infection. To get the proper benefits of this medicine you should take it at fixed schedules each day. Never disturb the dosage amount and follow the prescription strictly. Do not stop the medication until your doctor tells you to stop, where earlier stopping of the treatment can bring reinfection and may get worsen than the earlier. You should avoid consumption of antacid drugs near the administration of Forcan 200mg tablets.

Do not use Forcan 200mg tablet if you are allergic to Fluconazole or any other inactive ingredient of this medicine. 


Side effects

These are some major & minor side effects that Forcan 200mg can include-

Abdominal pain




Hair loss


Swelling of face, lips, eyelids, tongue, and other parts of body