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Tazret Gel .05%

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Tazret Gel .05%
Tazret Gel .05%
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Tazarotene Gel .05% - 20gm
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Product Description

Tazret gel is a famous Vitamin A derivative that belongs to class of drugs Retinoids and prescribed to patients suffering from acne and psoriasis. The medication reduces wrinkles, dark patches and skin discoloration. The exact working mechanism of Tazret gel is not known but it is believed that the medication treats skin inflammation and other symptoms associated with acne and psoriasis.

Tazarotene Gel Dosage and Administration
Tazarotene gel must be used as directed by the physician. It must be applied externally on skin. Seek medical advice on how to use Tazarotene gel and the complete dosing schedule. The medication must be applied on clean and dry skin. Evenly spread the medication in a way that it covers the entire affected region. Leave the medication for 15-20 minutes and remove it gently using mild cleaner and cotton cloth.

Tazarotene Gel Side Effects
Tazarotene gel side effects are itching, skin irritation, flushing, skin rash, skin bleeding, skin discoloration, dryness of skin, cracked skin, breathing troubles and severe dizziness.

Tazarotene Gel Precautions
Do not use Tazret gel if you are having hypersensitivity towards the medication.
Avoid using Tazret gel onchapped, bruised, burnt, peeled and blistered skin.
Tazarotene gel must be used after removing the make-up.
Tazarotene gel makes you extra-sensitive towards the sunlight. Use sunscreen of SPF 15 to SPF 30 with the drug.
Do not let Tazret gel enter into eyes, mouth and nose.
Tazarotene gel is contraindicated in pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Tazret Gel Buying Info
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