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Trajenta 5mg

Trajenta 5mg
Trajenta 5mg
Active Ingredients
Linagliptin tablet
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Boehringer Ingelheim
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Product Description

Trajenta 5mg Tablet would be a type 2 diabetes treatment medicine. It can be used in conjunction with a good diet and proper workout for blood sugar regulation. This helps prevent significant diabetes-related complications such as kidney failure and loss of vision.

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Trajenta 5mg Information:

Trajenta 5mg Tablet is typically recommended if exercise and healthy eating alone and other medicinal products really aren't sufficient to control sugar levels. It may be prescribed by your physician alone or in combination with other prescription medications. It is possible to take with or without food.

How to take Trajenta 5mg?

The dose depends on your blood sugar and situation. Use exclusively as your doctor has recommended. Don't really stop the medication unless it has been recommended by your doctor. It's important to remain with your doctor's diet and training program while planning to Buy Trajenta 5mg Tablets. Your lifestyle plays a major role in diabetes prevention too.

Let your physician know before you take this medication whether you have ever had kidney, heart or pancreatic problems. Some other medications that you take may tamper with the working of this medicine.

Trajenta 5mg Side Effects:

Hypoglycemia is by far the most common side effect. Symptoms of hypoglycemia (for example, lightheadedness, swelling, dizziness, decay and dry mouth) should be recognized and learn to deal with them. Sugar or glucose sweets can be carried and control symptoms if you do. Some people also experience nasopharyngitis. Call your doctor if you don't get away with or worry about any of these adverse effects.

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