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Valzaar 80 mg

Valzaar 80 mg
Valzaar 80 mg
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Valzaar byTorrent Pharma
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Product Description

Valzaar 80mg (Valsartan)  - Uses

Valsartan by Torrent Pharmaceuticals is an efficient angiotensin II receptor antagonist indicated for improving the symptoms of Hypertension (elevated blood pressure) and Heart failure. The modus operandi of the medication containing Valsartan as its main ingredient is simple Relaxing muscles and accelerating blood flow. It can be used as a standalone drug or in a combination of other drugs to treat the above-mentioned conditions. It is also utilized by the professional for improving the standard of living and increasing the survival rate in a patient who has tolerated heart attacks recently.

Valsartan 80mg Dosage and Administration

Valsartan 80mg must be administered as directed by the physician. The recommended dosage is 80 mg to be taken twice a day, on empty stomach, orally with water. A pill of Valsartan 80mg must not be crushed or chewed and must be consumed whole.
It is important to consider your medical officer about the risks and benefits of Valsartan as the medication can result in the death of a fetus if taken during pregnancy.

Valsartan 80mg Side Effects

Valsartan 80mg side effects are vomiting, back pain, headache, vision difficulties, flu symptoms, cough, stomach pain, severe skin reactions, blurred vision, fainting, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, unexplained weight loss, unusual swelling, urination changes, and numbness.

Valsartan 80mg Precautions

Do not use Valzaar medication if you are allergic to the medication.
It can cause the death of a fetus and thus, its use by a pregnant woman is strictly forbidden. Discontinue the use of medication and discuss with your doctor about using The drug if you are pregnant or have plans to conceive.
It is inappropriate for usage by a child who is facing kidney problems or is undergoing dialysis.
Avoid using The drug if you are using Aliskiren drugs, low kidney or liver functioning, low fluid volume in the body, or breastfeeding a child.

Valzaar 80mg Buying Info

For knowing the pros and cons of The medication approach an online pharmacy now. Buy Valzaar medication at cheap rates and discuss its side effects and benefits with medical professionals employed over there.
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