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Vidalista 10mg

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Vidalista 10mg
Vidalista 10mg
Active Ingredients
Tadalafil 10mg
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Vidalista 10mg
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Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
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Product Description

Vidalista 10 mg

The treatment of erectile dysfunction became possible with the advent of effective and efficient drugs - potency regulators. Today on the market are tools with a different type of work and mechanism of action.

Drug characteristics
Vidalista 10 can be considered as a universal means of eliminating the manifestations of male sexual impotence. The basic active ingredient of the tablets is Tadalafil, which exhibits the properties of a potency regulator for long-term action. The use of the drug helps to cope with disorders of potency and severe sexual impotence, which interferes with an active intimate life.

The effect of the drug begins 15-30 minutes after taking the medicine. One of the advantages- the effect lasts up to 36 hours. After using Vidalista 10 mg, a man can be confident in his abilities throughout the day, night, and even the next morning.

Advantages of Vidalista 10
Using the opportunity to buy Vidalista 10 through an online pharmacy, the buyer receives a list of benefits:

• An effective tool to combat male health disorders;
• Means with a long period of action on the body, the effect of a generic lasts up to 36 hours;
• The ability to quickly bring the penis into intimacy: the substance reaches the required concentration within 45 minutes.


Dosage is 10 mg of Tadalafil - reflects the optimal concentration of the active substance necessary for the body of a man who is having difficulty achieving and/or maintaining an erection. Taking the pill returns confidence, gives support, removes the psychological barrier that prevents you from relaxing when meeting a woman. Using a potency regulator is not addictive. A man can easily refuse medication when erectile function ceases to malfunction, and taking the pills helps in the best way possible.

Vidalista 20 mg is a classic version of the drug for men who do not experience side effects when using stimulants for potency and take them regularly. For beginners, a dose of 10 or 5 mg is better. Vidalista manufacturers recommend that, with regular use of the drug, the dosage of the active component being reviewed. You should be as attentive to your health as possible and when the first side effects appear, immediately reduce the dose of tadalafil.

Contraindications If you have any diseases of the body, you need to visit a doctor before taking a generic. The drug can cause headache and dyspepsia, which disappear within 24 hours.

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